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AngularJS and $httpBackend

I was helping out someone with their first attempt at an AngularJS website and they sent me the html and javascript file. The problem was that they used a web service to which I don’t have access so I needed … Continue reading

Amoq – Liberating Funiture

The redesign of Amoq’s website is finally finished and live, check it out here: Amoq.co.za The site is built using Drupal 6 and makes extensive use of JQuery and JavaScript to create a more interactive experience. In the next couple … Continue reading

C# Bindable Dictionary

I came across this BindableDictionary at StackOverflow and I thought I would improve on it and here is the result:   public class BindableDictionary<TKey, TValue> : IDictionary<TKey, TValue>, IBindingList, IRaiseItemChangedEvents { public SortedList<TKey, TValue> _Source = null;   private ListChangedEventHandler … Continue reading